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Ronald Bradford

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Ronald Bradford

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Author - Expert PHP and MySQL 2010

Published Author
MySQL Community Award Winner 2009

Top MySQL Award
Oracle ACE Director for MySQL

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Alltime top individual contributor to Planet MySQL

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Skills and Expertise

More about Ronald Bradford

Ronald has worked for more then two decades in the Information Technology industry. His work with database architecture, design and software development has included developing expert skills in several primary technologies. His industry experience includes enterprise class international, nation and government organizations as well as the present Internet Web 2.0 age. Ronald has combined his extensive experience with positions including Senior Consulting for MySQL Inc (2006-2008) and also Senior Consultant with Oracle Corporation (1996-1999). More information at

References and Recommendations

The following are independent recommendations of my work skills, experience and ethics. These recommendations are created and managed by individuals which you can view in full detail at my LinkedIn profile --


"Ronald spent a week focusing on the performance and architecture of our existing systems. He very quickly learned the systems and was able to make excellent recommendations. His recommendations will serve as an excellent road map for future performance and scalability initiatives. I highly recommend his work."

"Ronald worked for eBay as a MySQL consultant. I found him to be technically competent, professional and a result oriented, driven person. It was a pleasure working with him especially when solving the problem in hand meant as much to him as it did to me and eBay,"

"Throughout our engagement, Ronald was instrumental in the review and critique of an evolving application, recommending a wide variety of techniques enabling our development group to improve efficiency in a number of layers. In addition to providing sound advice, the educational aspect to Ronald's approach exceeded all expectations and was greatly appreciated by all team members involved. If given the opportunity for future consultations, I would request Ronald by name."

"We have used Ronald's service on two occasions at His work and recommendations were an invaluable part of our development process. I would bring him in again without question."


"I have worked side-side by side with Ronald on several high profile assignments and always walked away impressed with the depth of his knowledge. He is an awesome talent who I strongly recommend for not only his skill but his professionalism."

"Ronald is simply a phenomenal person to work with. It's difficult to find someone who is more passionate about the work they do, and at the same time, more knowledgeable about what they do. I first met Ronald when he was a prolific member of the MySQL community and then later became his colleague when he joined MySQL. He was a pleasure to work with, always offering his assistance and remaining true to his principles and ethics. He's simply a great asset to have around!"

Professional Association

"Since having met Ronald, he has not ceased to amaze. He is an expert resource always willing to help, a subject matter expert on database and application design and scalability, resourceful, and entirely dedicated. He is even a marketing genius. I have not met a person that has met Ronald who is not similarly impressed."

"Ronald is a data wizard passionate about everything related to data: architecture, optimization, best practices and more. He is very experienced, honest and passionate about what he does."

Track Record

These recommendations span more then 15 years of my professional career. Older associations from 10+ years include:

"Ronald had a passion for database and application design that showed. He was confident in expressing his opinion on issues both to his peers and management. He worked effectively with a strong design team to deliver a quality result."

"Ronald is a highly motivated and results driven person. He has a lot of pride in his work and his database design and coding skills were highly valued on our project. I highly recommend Ronald and would enjoy working with him in the future."

"Ronald is a technically capable individual. Ronald is quickly capable of learning new things. Ronald works effectively in a team environment with other individuals who are also capable. He is always willing to voice an opinion about the technical merits (or demerits) of any solutions. Please consider Ronald for any position for which he is applying."

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